Jimmy "Fingers" Malone

Mobster on the road to redemption



Jimmy “Fingers” Malone

High Concept

On the road to Redmption. Jimmy had been a mobster all his life and expected to be for the rest of his life. That is until he met Tatyana. It was love at first sight. He kept his business life and his lovelife separate. Slowly becoming ashamed of who hewas, Jimmy determined to leave the mob and set up a new life with Tatyana. After her death he has promised to redeem in her honour.


Measured for Concrete Overshoes. No one leaves the mob alive. Whilst they don’t know exactly what happened, they know Jimmy has betrayed them.

Joint Aspect

The Night love died. Jimmy and the boys sent to the docs lab. Jimmy realises it is Tatyana and turns on the boys. Tatyana is fatally wounded and Jimmy promises to help the doc before she dies. Both of them have to dispose of the bodies including Tatyana.

When Betsy starts singing, you better start running. Jimmy is a master with the tommy gun. He can write with bullets, make people dance and many other tricks.

Luck of the Irish. When it comes to life threatening situations Jimmy has always been lucky.







An Eye for trouble (+2 to Notice where trouble is involved)

Fully Automatic (+2 when firing fully automatic)

Delicate Touch (+2 to Burglary for picking locks and cracking safes)


Born in the infamous Hell’s Kitchen and orphaned soon after. It was almost inevitable that Jimmy would end up in the mob. However it was soon realised Jimmy was no ordinary muscle. He had a brain and a knack for sensing trouble. As he rose in the ranks JImmy found he had a talent with the Tommy Gun. When he pried one from a G-Man’s cold dead hand, he called it Betsy. Jimmy “Fingers” and his Tommy Gun “Betsy” are notorious in the mob. If the bosses ask Jimmy to look into things then things get sorted out. That is until they sent him to the doc’s lab to get the device one way or another.

Jimmy "Fingers" Malone

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